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In order to support post-basic and academic education in bridging the gap between theoretical and practical training, GLICE has introduced the vocational training program which trains technicians in promising sectors.

Thus, this program includes :
- Renewable Energy
- Digital Economy
- Circular Economy

The increasing use of renewable energy is a necessity for Burundi. Training in the solar sector broadens the creation of employment opportunities for young Burundians.

Focused on new technologies, the digital economy offers more and more possibilities to young people. Through these trainings, GLICE creates an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, while providing the digital skills necessary to create and manage ICT. In 2019, 300 young people were able to trained in entrepreneurship.

The circular economy consists of training young people in the techniques of environmentally sound management of WEEE. During 2019, 65 young people were able to be trained.