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The Reduction of the Digital Divide is a program which brings together several projects with the same objectives; make new technologies more accessible to  young people and women through practical knowledge.

Thus, this program includes:
- The ICT4EDUCATION project
- The ICT4WOMEN project
- The Robotics project

The ICT4EDUCATION project helps the education sector: schools, high schools, colleges, institutes and universities to strengthen their capacities in computer equipment because this sector is sorely lacking in computer equipment. 315 computers were donated to schools in 2019.

The Robotics project was implemented by GLICE Burundi to encourage young people to take more interest in science and technology. With kits for the design of robots, the young people of the Robotics project learn to assemble the robots themselves.

The ICT4WOMEN project aims to reduce the gender gap in access to ICTs. Through computer training given to women, they make their professional projects a reality. The contribution of women is significant. They use ICT for their own interests; with knowledge and better self-esteem.