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GLICE Open Days !

GLICE Open Days !

GLICE Burundi organized this 04/28/2021 an open day on its various activities / achievements, in support of the educational, health and socio-cultural systems, the recycling of electronic waste or the reduction of the energy divide in Burundi. GLICE Burundi gives training in robotics, with a hundred young people already trained in Burundi in preliminary steps on the manufacture of robots.
GLICE also trains in the installation / maintenance of photovoltaic systems. Still in the support component of the Burundian education system, GLICE is particularly pleased to have equipped the computer rooms of the Lycée du Saint Esprit and the University of Lake Tanganyika with computers.
In terms of reducing the energy divide in #Burundi, GLICE Burundi is conducting awareness campaigns in the provinces of Rutana and Ruyigi upstream of the next sales of family solar kits (Solar Home System-SHS). 

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