+257 22 27 87 50

General Questions


N ° 126, Boulevard Mwezi Gisabo, just in front of the Kamenge Military Hospital.

- Digital Divide Reduction

- Environment Protection

- Professional Trainings


- Through the training offered by GLICE.

- Partner organizations during projects.

Digital Divide Reduction

This program includes the supply of computer equipment to the education sector in Burundi as well as the training of women and young people in the use of ICT.

Contact us on +257 22 27 87 50 or by email: info@glice.bi



- Learners of the Robotics project are selected at secondary school level.

- They can also go to the GLICE offices located in Mutanga Nord, Boulevard Mwezi Gisabo n ° 126.

Environment Protection

A WEEE is Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It is end-of-life equipment that works on mains or with cells or batteries. It can be household or professional.

Drop it off at the GLICE office, Boulevard Mwezi GISABO, n ° 126.

Get in touch with a suitable structure like GLICE to collect and treat WEEE.

The service is free.

Professional Trainings

- Renewable Energies
- Digital Economy
- Circular economy

- By call for applications to join the training.
- By partnerships with Universities.
- Individual application via info@glice.bi.